Special Occassion

We, the human beings, always expect something good to happen to fill happiness in our lives. We would like to celebrate those moments in a grandeur manner i.e., housewarming ceremony. Such special occasions don’t come very often and when it comes, we would definitely like to record those precious moments and it is here Snappers photography comes into picture. It is here we play a very significant role in helping you to do it perfectly.

Convocation photography: Convocation ceremony is a formal ceremony conducted by a college to honor its meritorious students by giving awards is a proud moment for both the college and its students. Our coverage of photography will be in such a way that it will definitely enhance those unforgettable & invaluable moments.

Birthday Photography, Wedding anniversary photography, Temple Photography, Half Saree & Dhoti Function Photography. Our dedicated photography team will make this ‘special’ event even more “special”.

Your first entry into your new house is an auspicious moment and we held this south India’s popular ceremony in high esteem. Our photographers know the importance we attach to it as well to other categories and will perform arduously to give the best output.

Finally, a very beautiful quote by Mr. Thomas S. Monson…..

“Every day of your life is a special occasion.”

The abovementioned quote has to be looked at from rather broader perspective. Isn’t it? And we hope you understand!