Kids & Family

“Ten little fingers, ten perfect toes, fill our hearts with love that overflows."


How beautiful were those words describing a newborn baby? Isn’t it? Nothing can beat the joy of becoming a “parent”. Be it a new born photography or a baby photoshoot, our Snappers Photographers Team is there for you. Our team has a specific strategy, which will change according to the situation and on the basis of it, they will either wait patiently or click quickly to capture that perfect moment. This perfect moment may either last a moment or may flow incessantly. And those emotions may be joy, sadness and fear etc. Our photography studio will leave no stone unturned to bring out a mesmerizing output of your newborn baby portraits.

Then comes the birthday celebrations of your kids. On this day, they are the centre of attraction and it is our responsibility to capture those magical, sweet moments to be reminisced by you for many more years to come. Year after year, we are with you to record your kids’ growth beautifully in our portraits as well as in the videography of their birthday celebrations.

We are also specialists in school photography and school events videography. Your child may sing a song, perform a traditional dance, chant slokas or enact a powerful role on stage. The emotions that we catch through our lens will give have a natural feel and is sure to fill your hearts.

College comes with a HUGE celebration! For freshers day celebrations, college day celebrations, college anniversary celebrations, graduation ceremony and any other special celebrations with regards to any particular college, we shall be there for your service. Beautiful moments ably lensed by our Snappers Photographers Team will help you recollect those sweet memories whenever you see our album! Get beautiful college graduation portraits from us with impeccable clarity.

We are also available for kids pageant show, kids modeling portfolio, family photography and portrait photography.