Commercial Photography


Advertising is a baby born to a mother called Babylonian civilization. From there, it spread to Rome and then to the entire world.

“Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.”
– Milton Hershey

Of course, it is true. Mr. Milton’s idea of writing this sentence is in regards to the product quality and our idea in referring this quote here is in regards to our product called “photography”. It goes this way. If we are giving 100% quality in our work, then it does mean that we are not only satisfying our clients on one side, but also making them promote Snappers photography to their customers on the other side. So the purpose of advertising photography is to make business promotion of the product of our clients. If our click “clicks”, then both our client’s product and our name will be in the good books of the general public.

Art & culture encompasses music, theatre, dance and short film. Our photography involves the perfect capture of feelings while the corresponding art is being performed on stage by you/your kids. Give your best on the stage and leave the rest in our picture!

Automotive/automobile photography revolves around one’s technical skills and the hands-on experience one has gained in the learning stage and by participating in workshops. The invaluable experience that was gained by Snappers Photographers Team helped them produce outstanding results in every work they undertook.

While the abovementioned one belongs to the motion category, food photography belongs to still photography genre and this is a simple yet hard kind of category, so to say. Mouth-watering dishes and delicious ripened fruits, which will be styled by a food stylist, ably assisted by an art director along with their assistants would be shot from an eater’s view. The photographs from Snappers Photographers Team have been published in various magazines, cookbooks and even in advertisements of some national dailies.

Industrial shoot photography involves photographing machinery, processing plants, factories and the like. We are also having specialization in taking photographs of manufacturing, energy and construction.

Interiors & architecture photography is, in fact, a little bit tough photography. Our success lied in the fact in bringing the feel to our client as if they themselves are present in it. Even though this is a tricky business, our photographers had the capability to overcome any difficulty and brought out the best in each and every picture captured through our lens.

Sports photography covers all types of sports. This is really a very interesting genre. Our photojournalists know the knack of telling the stories of sportspersons and their games through pictures in a wonderful way. If their game in motion is a beautiful poem, then our still photographs that expresses the flow of their game is prose. And we owe our success definitely due to this fact.

Product shoot photography is a category of photography well known to everybody. Clicking a product stylishly with a professional touch and making it a cynosure of all eyes has been the bread and butter for our Snappers Photographers Team. We will also do advertising campaign photoshoots for all the products of our clients.

Aerial photography is a form of photography taken through flying objects for environmental studies, commercial advertising and artistic projects. Drone photography comes under this category and the photographs are taken through drones.

Documentary photography is that form of photography in which the photographers used camera as a social changing tool and the pictures are taken without the permission/awareness of that concerned subject. Not only this photography gives us a clear-cut illustration of everything including people, places etc, but also used to chronicle historical events. Our Snappers Photographers Team is an expert in bringing out the natural feel of the subject in a wondrous way.